Wednesday, 24 March 2010

DAWN RISING an explanation

I turned up with some young people at an event billed as one where many youngsters would go and share thier faith. We arrived , with leaflets and eagerness but all the rest 'forsook us and fled'. So off we went into the night, the youngsters telling people that Jesus loves them, starting conversations, shocked late night security guards, passers by and tramps saying thankyou as each was approached. Does this mean anything I said as I ended the night by taking them for some chips? is there meaning in what we have done this night? As I looked down I saw a bumper sticker saying 'DAWN RISING' and immediately the words from Joel ch2 came to mind...'Like dawn spreading on the mountains a mighty army comes' and there it was , a meaning.... there would be , should be could be a great army of young people like dawn spreading on the mountain, just like the ones with me that night. I would be called to play my part, and since then so I have. Helping and equipping young people to live out thier faith, boldly without shame .
Well, this is my toe, not literally of course but figuratively speaking. I am a latecomer to the art of blogging, I hope my contributions become helpful for some people ,somewhere, sometime!! So here goes into the water my toe goes!